There are four components to our service that makes InCondorol the essential tool for everyone involved in managing the needs of your condo community:




The home page features exclusive content about the building’s amenities and other information that is relevant to the condo community.  The custom page provides assurance to owners, directors and property managers that they are in the right place and looking at relevant information.


It is the starting place to build a sense of community and pride of ownership that all people have in their homes.  Condos are unique in that private space is mixed with shared space within the confines of a single physical structure.


The home page lays the foundation for understanding your building’s identity.




The community forum is a messaging service for all owners, whether they live in the building or elsewhere.  This is the place to find information about what’s happening in the building – from elevator servicing and party room rentals to the timing for the next AGM and window cleaning.


This component does not clog your email inbox with additional daily messages.  Think of this as your traditional cork board gone space-aged.  Search for a specific item or filter what you have to look at today because what was important yesterday is not so important today




The information library is the one stop secure location for important documents that condo owners and directors need to manage and be informed about the operations of their building.


The time, effort and cost put into making multiple copies of documents that are manually distributed to each unit owner becomes a thing of the past.  For people who may be away, there is no pile-up of papers at their door and everyone will appreciate that paper documents do not become litter in the hallways or an additional trip to the recycling room.


Directors do not have to be loaded down with bundles of documents for each board meting.  Access the secure library for board members whenever you want to review all of the documents needed for the next meeting.


Store records for one year or 10+ years – they will always be available when you need them.




The service centre is the place to log all building related problems that come up – day or night.  Sometimes you notice a problem, say a light out in the gym, but don’t know if someone has already reported the problem.  Now you can quickly check to see if a service request has been logged and if not, do so right away.


Property managers can quickly analyze the logged calls and see if the problem is localized or if it is affecting substantial parts of the building.


After you have logged the problem get real-time updates on the steps that are being taken to resolve the issue.




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