InCondorol's Services For You

Satisfying the needs of your condominium

Our Services

There are four components to our active service that makes InCondorol the essential tool for everyone involved in managing the needs of your condo community.

Custom Home Page

Exclusive content about your building’s amenities and other information relevant to your building community.

Community Forum

A messaging service for all owners that provides insights into what is happening in and around the building.

Information Library

One stop secure location for important documents that owners and directors need to manage and be informed about the building’s operations.

Service Centre

Notice a light out in the gym or a broken key in the outer door? Use the service centre to log a service request day or night.

What's In it for you

Condo Directors & Owners

  • Comply with Legal Requirements
  • Improve Communication
  • Customize Condo Information
  • 24/7 Secure Access
  • Save Time and Money

Condo Developers

  • Save Time and Money by Outsourcing
  • Extend Marketing Themes
  • Comply with Legal Disclosure
  • Secure Repository for Project Information

Property Managers

  • Save Time and Money Managing Documents
  • Outsource Website Expertise
  • Streamline Administrative Processes
  • Comply with Legal Requirements
  • Improve Communications

Key Features

  • Mobile Accessible
  • Customization
  • Simplify legal compliance
  • Transparency
  • Peace of mind

It's easy

One-time setup and a monthly subscription fee that works out to be a few specialty coffees for each owner per month.